A Greener Read exists to spread the enjoyment and personal growth that comes from Books, DVD's, Video Games, and CD's. We give people in the community where our recycling bins are placed a 24/7/365 place where they can recycle their already enjoyed media items. From those recycling bins we do some important things.

We make sure that every item is recycled in the most ecologically friendly way possible. The most ecologically friendly way possible is to re-use them as they currently are, rather than make a box or something else out of them! Some have suggested that this is "read it forward" and we really like that!

We're excited to have a Retail used book and media store. 7 days a week you can come shop the best of our bins. The prices are low and the aisles are wide. It's a book, vinyl record, CD, DVD, and video game local shopping experience that you will love. 

As it states on our bins every item that you give us is sold, donated, or recycled locally. This idea is in a word greener. Be Greener.



BOOKS, DVD's, Video games, and CD's are awesome. Getting them to PEOPLE rather than a LANDFILL is smart.



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Looking for a different "low brain damage" way to raise money for your organization?

Retail Store

We are open with over 10,000 titles of Books, DVD's, Vinyl Records, CD's and Video Games at 506 E Kenny Rd Ste 150 St Paul MN 55130!


We work with non profits and small businesses to bring attention to their cause and cash to support it.

Recycling Bins

Where exactly does your stuff go and why does it go their? What is our recycling philosophy? 

Be Greener! Get already enjoyed media to next person. Buy used!

Getting your enjoyed books to others in an eco friendly way!

Books to get rid of?